+ BlueGreyBot

What you can do:

You can go on every page of this site, use any content of this site and share any content that respect the rules.
You can share content that you don't own, if you say the author of it. You can ask for help to any user, and you can help any user.
You can modify any information about you, like thr password or the bio.
You can delete your account, but you'll need to wait until an administrator do it.
You can delete any post you made, but it'll keep showed in the activity list.
You can ask us how to improve our site or our security, by any way.
You can use the IRC while you keep respecting the rules.

What you must(n't) do:

You must be respectful to any user of this site or any visitor. You must say the author of any content you don't own. You must encure that all the content you post or you dirige to is for any age and do not show pornographic, extremist, illegal, violent or inappropriate content. You must notify any pornographic, extremist, illegal, violent or inappropriate content to an administrator.
Injections are directly sanctionned with IP-banning.
You must notify any corrupted data. You must notify too any virus, Trojan horse, malware or program that could degrade the machine or that stole information about the user without their explicit permission.
You must keep the IRC clean, you musn't promote anything into it, you musn't post immature content.

Sanctions :

If you don't follow the rules above, the administrator team would (probably):
If you do any injection, hacking or fishing, you'll be directly IP-banned.
If you put any virus, Trojan horse, malware or informatic intruder that could degrade the machine or that stole user identity without their explicit permission, you'll be IP-banned and the users who used your contamined content will get notified.

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